"Unofficial" Miller for Governor page

David Miller - Governor for Kansas!!!


The man for our state.

"Courage is very important.
Like a muscle,
it is strengthened by use."

Campaign contact information!

David Miller e-mail
Mail to: 
PO Box 1435
Topeka KS 66601
State campaign
former location
of Brown's Shoes,
716 Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66603
Phone 785-232-7202
FAX 785-232-6449
Wichita area
4617 E. Kellogg
Wichita KS 67218
Phone 316-263-2843
(or) 316-26-DAVID
Johnson Co.
9300 Renner Rd., Lenexa
Phone 913-310-0023
(more to come)

Upcoming events!

July 27
(all day) Johnson Co Office
July 29
Evening Miami Co Fair, Paola Parade
July 30
?? Topeka - debate - channel 49
July 30
8:00 pm Wichita - debate - channel 8 KPTS (Dale Goter)
Aug 2
7:00 pm Kansas City - debate - KCPT
KPTS (Wichita) will re-run the Kansas City debate at 10:30 pm on Channel 8
Aug 4
at the polls... YOU... VOTE FOR MILLER!!!


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    "Social conservatives have what the liberal elite always said they wanted; a movement of working and middle-class Americans. We're their friends and neighbors, not their bosses. We share their values, we don't impose them. We speak with them, not at them. We love freedom, and hence we're something liberals will never understand."

    John D. Altevogt
    Chair, Wyandotte County Republican Central Committee

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