Miller is a consistent conservative

By Amy Heffern

Amy Heffern is Editor for Kansans For Life News.


David Miller Runs for Governor.

David G. Miller, a long-time supporter of the pro-life cause, declared his candidacy for Governor of Kansas during a state-wide tour on May 5 and 6. In his announcement speech, Miller proudly proclaimed, "I will not change my position on abortion just because it is an election year." He has promised to his supporters that he will be consistent in his efforts to protect all vulnerable human life, from the unborn to the elderly. "Human abortion not only costs innocent infants' lives, but also devastates the lives of women who are lured into this wrong choice ... Life is a gift from Almighty God, and for that reason it is sacred," Miller said during his press conference. Miller's past record shows that he has the courage to do what is right, even if the majority does not. During his time as a Kansas State Representative (1981-1990), Miller was one of only a few pro-life Representatives. More recently, Miller was one of only 44 people who voted for the Lambert Resolution at the national level. This resolution would have made it GOP policy to withhold party funds from any candidate who was in favor of partial-birth abortion.

One can tell from Miller's political involvement that he is committed to protecting the right to life. At a time when some politicians will support pro-life legislation only because they want our votes, it is refreshing to find someone who will do the right thing for the right reasons. We can trust David Miller because he isn't just trying to look like one of us -- David Miller is one of us.

Born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1949, Miller moved to Eudora with his family in 1951. He graduated from Eudora High School in 1967 and went on to earn a B.A. in Political Science at the University of Kansas.

David and Marjorie, his wife of 19 years, belong to the Methodist Church in Eudora, where David is a past chairman of the Administrative Council. They also attend services at the Mustard Seed Christian Fellowship in Lawrence. Miller served as Director of the Kansans For Life Political Action Committee from 1991 to 1995. He was also Chairman of the Christian Coalition of Kansas from 1994 to 1996. Miller was elected Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party in 1995, and continued in that position until resigning on May 7 to run for Governor. As GOP Chairman, Miller worked to elect pro-life social conservatives, and has been widely criticized in the press because he tries to replace "moderates" with social conservatives. Miller believes that those in government should set an example by promoting traditional values.

Tax reduction is one of Miller's most important concerns. Miller believes that the state's total budget should be given a limit and that if extra tax revenue comes in, it should be returned to the taxpayers. Other items in the Kansas GOP platform which Miller supports include abstinence-only sex education, access by home-schooled children to extracurricular activities in the public school districts in which they reside, the elimination of no-fault divorce, and tougher drunk and drugged driving laws.

The reader may be asking himself, "Can David Miller really win this election?" We all know that Bill Graves is a popular Governor. Bill Graves has a lot of money. Bill Graves will have the support of the media. What we must remember at all times is that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. When our government fails it is because we fail. If David Miller fails, it is because the pro-life, pro-family people failed him. David Miller knows what it takes to win. He knows the issues, and he has a well-thought-out reason for each position he takes. He knows how to conduct a successful campaign. He knows how to get the attention of the media. He has a network of people who are ready to support him. David Miller knows what he is doing, and he intends to win. All he needs are people who are willing to work with him to accomplish that goal.

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