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Personal favorites (page 1)--you're lookin' at 'em!

I. $$$

II. Faith

III. Freedom

IV. Hot-lines & other HELP!

V. Kids

VI. Politics

VII. Topeka/Kansas

VIII. Universities

IX. Youth

X. (the)World

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I. $$$

II. Faith
All flesh is like grass... but the Word of the Lord lasts forever!
Scriptures in other languages, Jesus videos, other multi-lingual resources...

PK Web Site

III. Freedom

Time for democracy!!
  • Myron Calhoun's homepage Myron A. Calhoun's homepage: Five boxes preserve our freedoms: soap, ballot, witness, jury, and cartridge. (300k of quotes regarding a citizen's right to bear arms)

IV. Hot-lines & other HELP!

V. Kids
  • Kidz-Net This site is only for people who at one time in their lives have been kids. You're not allowed to visit if this is not the case. Let me start with, "Wow!" There's so much to do here, and it's divided into age groups to guide you. I confess that I clicked outside of my age group to check out the games, brain teasers, mazes, and more. You'll probably do the same. And yes, your children can visit too...it was created with them in mind. Rating: <>< <>< <>< <><>

VII. Topeka
Topeka High School
Topeka High School--just one of the sites to see in Topeka!

Kansas Capitol
Great Seal!

VIII. Universities
College Bound!!
Radical !!!

IX. Youth

X. (the) World


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