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The real and current link for Oasis Tanning Salon is: http://www.tanatoasis.com

Oasis Tanning Salon
       .  .  .  The Cutting Edge

who are we?

We are a full service tanning salon with 17 tanning beds including 3 super beds and 2 stand up booths.

We carry a full line of tanning lotions from California Tan, Supre, Australian Gold, John Abate (formerly Swedish Beauty) and Island Heat. We use super high output tanning bulbs that get you golden brown in the fewest visits possible. Our staff is industry trained and certified in the latest trends of tanning and can answer all of your questions.
We pride ourselves on keeping our tanning salon the cleanest in town because after all, we tan here too.

The Cutting Edge Salon in Auburn has three 10 minute high output beds plus a 20 minute super bed. You can buy your tanning package at either salon and use it at either salon. We hope this makes it convenient for our customers.
Swedish Beauty lotions  
Lotions The use of a good quality tanning lotion helps keep the skin looking healthy and young. The tanning process drys out most peoples skin so using a lotion adds back moisture that tanning robs out. If your skin becomes dry it becomes hard and dry hard skin is much harder to tan than soft healthy skin. The tanning lotion speeds up the tanning process and helps you stay looking younger


Single 10 minute Tan $4.00

Single 15 minute Stand up Tan $5.00

Single 20 minute Super Bed Tan $7.00


Ten Minute Bed Packages

5 pack of tans $17.50

7 day unlimited tanning $15

10 pack of tans $27

15 day unlimited tanning $25

15 pack of tans $38

30 day unlimited tanning $35

20 pack of tans $48






Stand up Packages

Single $5

5 pack of tans $20

10 pack of tans $32.50








Super Bed Packages

5 pack of tans $30

6 pack of tans $50

The packages with the set number of tans never expire, you can take however long you need to in order to use them up. The "unlimited tanning packages" that offer a set number of days expire at the end of the stated days, either 7, 15, or 30.



Hours of Operation

Oasis Tanning Salon (Topeka) M-Fri 7-10
Sat 9-10, Sun 12-8
The Cutting Edge Salon (Auburn) M-Fri 9-8 Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5

OASIS TAN Two locations to serve you...
Oasis Tanning Salon

511 NW Morse Topeka, KS 66608

The Cutting Edge Salon 1201 N. Washington Auburn, Ks 66402

fax #785-232-9956

e-mail Oasis Tan 

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