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"T3" is for terminals, couplers, & dial-up devices



  • TI Silent 700 terminal
  • SSI System 100 Communicator 1980's Terminal
  • AT&T Teletype Model 43
  • 3M acoustic-coupled thermal terminal
  • Commandex Wireless (Synertek) Computer
  • Anderson Jacobson acoustic coupler
  • Acoustic Coupler 2 for Tandy 100/102/200
  • Epson portable modem CX-20
  • Optel PENCEPT,Telewriter 2 Penpad, circa 1986
  • MINICOM IV - Acoustic Modem
  • Tymshare Scanset 410/415 User's Manual
  • ASCI u68 System X
  • Bell AlexTel Dumb Terminal


Penpad (for "white board" teleconferencing in the early '90s)


Anderson-Jacobson coupler


Epson CX-20





AT&T Teletype model 43

1968 -- Bill Gates and Paul Allen use their first computer, an ASR-33 Teletype with access to a GE Mark II, and get their first taste of BASIC, a simple computer language. There is no such thing yet as a "personal computer", of course -- Gates and Allen are working on a timesharing system that splits up time simultaneously among many users. The system has some aspects of personal computing, however, in that it allows immediate interactive access to the machine, rather than the "turn-in-your-punch-cards-and-wait" process that is typical of dedicated mainframe systems.


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