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"P" is for Pong & game machines


( Brickout, Pacman, and more!! )


PONG style games

  • Hanimex Model 777 video game
  • Bentley Compuvision (pong)
  • Coleco Telstar Colormatic
  • Sears/Atari Pong IV
  • Ricochet Colour Pong
  • Radio Shack Electronic TV Scoreboard
  • Tele-games Pong Sports IV
  • BLIP the Digital Game by TOMY
  • Atari Video Pinball Pong Console
  • Radio Shack Pong 1970s game w Light Gun
  • Monteverdi TV Sports


Other classic game machines

  • Atari 2600

Many people out there thinks that the ATARI PONG was the first system and that NOLAN BUSHNELL is THE FATHER of video games.........WRONG !!

It's all began in 1958, a person by the name of "Willy Higinbotham", who was a physicist, made a WORKING model and not even with a single transistor, but with vacuum tubes! (of course, transistors did existed at that time, the transistor was created by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain of Bell Labs in 1947).

Then, an MIT student named "Steve Russell" in 1961, creates "Spacewar"(the second video game), is the first interactive computer game on a Digital PDP-1 computer. Only few computers could run his game in this time, and at a cost of $120,000 for a PDP-1, it was too much to put in arcades.

In 1973, Eight to ten thousand arcade type units are made, Pong is an unprecedented success. Ted Dabney panics about competition and sells half is share to Bushnell. Bushnell forms Kee Games (named after Joe Keenan) to provide "competition" for Atari.

Later... (1975) Atari's first home product was a game called PONG (marketed as the Sears Tele-Games logo.) an electronic tennis match in which players batted a square ball back and forth with rectangular paddles.

"The rest is history!!"

- from Game FAQs "http://www.gamefaqs.com/"


Atari 2600

Remember Space Invaders...? (chunk, chunk, chunk)


and then there was...


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