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The Topeka Computing Museum

a.k.a. "Ed's $48 Collection"

"H" is for Handhelds





  • Casio PB-1000 handheld
  • TI-95 handheld computer w/ cass interface
  • Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1261
  • Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1403h
  • Panasonic HHC-1800
  • TI Compact Computer 40
  • HP-75C
  • Laser 50
  • Sharp EL-5500II pocket computer
  • Casio FX-795p
  • Quasar HHC computer w/ printer
  • CASIO PB-100 Personal Computer
  • Casio FX-801P

Casio PB-1000

Casio FX-795p


HP 75c

Quasar HHC (Panasonic)

TI CC-40

Videotech Laser 50



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