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"C2" is for CP/M

CP/M Computers...



  • Intertec Superbrain
  • Telcon Zorba (portable)
  • Kaypro 4
  • Kaypro II
  • Kaypro 2
  • Kaypro 10
  • Kaypro 2x
  • Epson QX-10
  • Epson PX-4 (notebook)
  • Epson PX-8 (notebook)
  • Sanyo MBC-1250
  • Osborne 1
  • Osborne Executive
  • DEC Rainbow
  • Morrow portable
  • Morrow MD2
  • MicroDecision MD3
  • Bondwell Model 14 (portable)
  • Amstrad CPC464

How far the personal computer has evolved over the two decades since its birth in the '70s!! One of the first true computer operating systems was called 'CP/M', which stood for Control Program for Microcomputers. CP/M has long since been pushed aside by DOS, Windows, Macs, etc. (Also long gone are the days when software was written to work in a few kilobytes of RAM!)

CP/M comes/came in three main versions; 1.4, 2.2 and 3.1. v2.2 was the basis of MSDOS, while v3.1 evolved into DRDOS and OpenDOS / DR-DOS. There were also 8086 and 68000 versions of CP/M. CP/M-86 evolved into DOS Plus, Concurrent DOS and REAL/32.


Intertec Superbrain



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