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"A2" is for Apple II clones

The Apple II clones...
  • Basis 108
  • BASE-64A
  • Elite Personal Computer
  • Franklin Ace 500
  • Franklin Ace 1000
  • Franklin Ace 1000 Plus
  • Franklin Ace 1100
  • Franklin Ace 1200
  • Franklin Ace 2200
  • Laser 128
  • Laser 128EX
  • MacKintosh
  • Interk Apple II Z80 Korean Clone
  • Apple II+ Clone: OS21
  • Apple II Clone: UNIBIT Computer Systems
  • Unitron
  • unnamed Apple II clone
Franklin & Video Tech (Laser) were the big players, forcing Apple's hand and often provoking lawsuits.
The MacKintosh was a Canadian company making Apple II clone machines. They went out of business after being sued by Apple.
The Basis 108 was a German Apple II clone. Most others were made in Hong Kong or Brazil.


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