Projected Costs and Development
In order to expand the camping ministry of IAMP more space is needed.
Purchasing property and the development thereof is necessary for such an expansion.  Stated below is a progressive proposal to attain such property and the development of it.  Expenses for water and electrical hook up can be found under item 10 in the succeeding  pages.

Phase 1:  $50,000 (7-10 hectares/15-25 acres)

Purchase land, attain deed, secure land with corral

Phase 2:  $5,976
Build the following:  2 bathrooms and the Storage Shed; obtain water/electrical permits; install water lines

Phase 3:  $24,600 + plus cost of chairs
Build the following:  Dining Hall and Kitchen; connect water; install electricity; build seating for Meeting Hall and Kitchen

Phase 4:  $49,000
Build the cabins; connect to the electricity

Phase 5:  $20,000 + plus cost of chairs
Building the Meeting Hall; connect to the electricity; build seating for Dining Hall

Phase 6:  $3,000 + cost of chairs
Build the Craft Room; connect to the electricity; purchase chairs for Craft Room

Phase 7:  $5,250 + cost of chairs and desks
Build the Office; connect to the electricity; purchase the chairs and build the  desks for the office.

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