Patrick Hill




Candidate's name Patrick H. Hill Party Affiliation Republican

1. What are your qualifications? (75-word limit)

#1. My qualifications come from hands on education. They include teaching, coaching, and volunteering in public and private schools, juvenile offender programs, Starbase programs, and church. My college education and 14 year military career helped me develop candor for what is right, courage amidst adversity, and concern for our future. I am proud to be an American. I believe my compassion, commitment, and cooperative spirit are an excellent basis to ask for your vote in November.

2. As our country moves to a global economy, more jobs will require better communication and computer skills and a deeper understanding of mathematics. What specific strategies would you support to improve the K-12 teaching of these skills? (75-word limit)

#2. Cooperation between schools (home, private, or public) and business and industry must be established. We risk the future of our children by trying to guess the best method. We must act today in a spirit of cooperation to identify what communication (language), computer, and math skills are fundamental to our children’s education. We must decide together. This will prevent our students from graduating without the skills or experiences necessary to compete in tomorrow’s workforce.

3. What is your position on school vouchers? Why? (75-word limit)

#3. Are schools meeting the needs of parents and teachers? We are currently failing, and parents are opting out for private or home schooling. That is the truth and who could blame them? To me, forced taxation by government for government education is indoctrination. If and when we sink to this point, I would be in favor of any alternative means of funding education (school vouchers, tax credits, and etc..). Vote Hill for Hope.

4. What is your viewpoint on the independence of school boards to make local decisions rather than on the achievement of consistency across the state? (75-word limit)

#4. I believe in the people of Kansas and their ability to make intelligent decisions. Why is it that some bureaucrat, or think tank has more ability to make consistent decisions than parents do? Parents are usually school board members, and Parents can, believe it or not, make exceptional decisions. Oversight by the State Board of Education should never be abdicated, but most decisions are best made at the local level of all government.